Keep Calm & Party On

Keep the party going this January while we celebrate National DJ Day on the 20th January.

The History of The DJ

DJs: the epitome of modern entertainment, the talented human music player, the ones that keep you jigging all night long! To think there was a time without the turntables seems absurd, but the term ‘disc jockey’ didn’t even come around until 1935! Let’s delve deeper into the history of the music madness DJs have created.

Celebrating The Top 10 Biggest UK DJs

The UK's love for electronic music runs deep, and at this moment in time (as ever) Britain's biggest DJs remain among the most well-known in the world. This selection reflects the level of global recognition of those included; rather than being a judgment on the talent or musical output of these DJs, it is an assessment of their success, their status and their reach. Sticking strictly to DJs, the likes of Chase & Status and Disclosure were considered ineligible due to their more prominent live acts. So whether it's house, techno, drum & bass, trance, EDM or whatever else, here's our pick of the UK's biggest DJs.