International Men's Day

International Men’s Day observed on November 19 focuses on men’s health, improving gender relations, highlighting male role models, and promoting positive expressions of masculinity. It’s also an opportunity to recognise men who don’t fall into traditional manifestations of masculinity, such as gay and bisexual men, transgender, or masculine non-binary people.

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International Men's Day in UK is growing every year aimed at "making a positive difference to Men and Boys' wellbeing. International Men’s Day in the UK is on 19 November every year (Friday this year) – it is celebrated around the world in at least 60 countries. Every year, International Men’s Day in the UK is marked by more and more women, men and organisations across the country. 

The three core themes for International Men’s Day in the UK are: Making a positive difference to the wellbeing and lives of men and boys, Raising awareness and/or funds for charities supporting men and boys’ wellbeing and Promoting a positive conversation about men, manhood and masculinity
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10 Ways To Celebrate International Men's Day

Every year, on 19th of November, International Men’s day (IMD) is celebrated. It marks the contributions of Men for the overall society, honouring their hard work, passion, and devotions toward community, family, and economy. Although life, as we know it, should be celebrated at every moment, it doesn't hurt to do something “worthwhile” on IMD. After all, it is International Men’s day - I mean, what the heck. International men’s day is all about cherishing the contributions of male members of society, and it is celebrated in 80 countries around the world.

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UK Men's Day Events To Attend 2021

Discover what events you could attend for International Men's Day 2021 within the UK.
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