Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice marks the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere), all thanks to the tilt of the earth. In many cultures, the day is a day of feasting and celebration, but even if you’re totally agnostic, you can still find a reason to rejoice, because after today, you’ll see gradually shorter nights and longer days, which means you can look forward to the emergence of spring.

Celebrate The Winter Solstice This December


The winter solstice happens on Tuesday, December 21, 2021! This is the astronomical first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest day of the year. 
It marks the start of each hemisphere's winter season. When one hemisphere is experiencing their winter solstice, the other is simultaneously experiencing their summer solstice!
What happens at the winter solstice? Why is the solstice important?
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Dive Deeper Into The Winter Solstice

The Spiritual Significance of the Winter Solstice

The light of the Sun begins a new solar cycle at Winter Solstice. In winter everything lies dormant in the silent earth, it is a sacred time of rest and reflection before the awakening and the slow build toward brighter days. The energy of winter is that of going within. 
It's the fruitful darkness and silence out of which our soul's yearnings and new inspirations can eventually emerge. As we consciously link our awareness to nature's cycles, our understanding of our own personal growth cycles begin to deepen.
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Achieve Your Goals With The Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice Is Perfect For Manifesting Goals

While fewer hours of sunlight and an impending several months’ worth of cold weather may not feel like something worth celebrating to some of us, the winter solstice is actually considered an extremely significant day in many different cultures and spiritual practices, including astrology. 
Knowing the spiritual meanings of the winter solstice can help you take advantage of the powerful and reflective energy of this special date.
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Want To Celebrate The Winter Solstice?

Discover ideas and ways on how to celebrate this year's Winter Solstice.